Best Dog Playing Videos

The joy of owning a dog cannot be described with words especially if you have little ones at home with you. I have collected a couple of youtube videos that should put a smile on your face.

Big Dogs Playing with Babies

Big Dogs Playing with Babies – Video 1

The firs video shows you how even the meanest looking dogs will have fun with babies if trained the right way. Would I let a Doberman-pincher play with my little bundle of joy, probably not, but you be the judge.

Dog Takes Care of Baby – Video 2

If you ever have any doubt that dogs can be sensitive to the needs of a baby this video will erase all doubts. In different scenes, the dog goes out of his way to ensure the baby is properly covered with a blanket.

In another scene, the dog picks of toy for the baby that fell on the ground. Just ask yourself, how did they know how to do all these things? This video of the big dog ensuring the baby is comfortable will make you want to own a pet right away.

Dog Excited to Meet Owner After Long Absence – Video 3

I can assure you that dogs are just as sensitive like humans. While you might not see teardrop, the way they bark will let you know they’re very happy to see you back home from a long vacation.

The excitement from your dog after a long absence might be an indication of maltreatment by the caretaker, but you be the judge.

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