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I have read my fair share of about us pages at my favorite sites and some are quite good at conveying what the websites are all about. At www.weimaranercanada.org, I will convey a message that is meant to show the sincerity we take when presenting the information found on this site.

The person that said if you want a best friend to get a dog, should have also included other pets. I grew up with a parrot that was just as friendly, but very good at recording everything that was said within the room.

About us page At www.weimaranercanada.org

The list of pets that humans keep indoors include more than just cats and dogs. I have a good buddy who enjoys raising snakes within his home, and he has fascinating stories about how they mate. Personally, I don’t do snakes, but I do like dogs, cats, and different types of birds.

In my opinion, among all the pets that humans consider friendly, dogs are probably the most playful. Cats would play but they tend to be more observant of your actions as if they’re keeping score.

Cats are probably the most intelligent of all the indoor pets known to humans, simply because they have a sense of presence that is hard to ignore.

Our job here is to bring you a good collection of guides you can use to raise a good and healthy pet. Most of what we write about will be from personal experience, but you’re welcome to chime in with your opinion about your own personal experiences with your own pet.

Rarely can you raise a pet nowadays without the use of some of the best pet accessories one can buy online? The pet products we do review will be from the most reliable brands. I have had my fair share of dog collars, pet beds, leashes for cats and dogs, and etc

The trend within the last few years can be found in the need to provide insurance for your pet just in case of a medical emergency. Why is that the cost of medical care for pets is now outstripping that of humans?

These are just some of the issues we promise to write about. The information you’ll find on this site will never be boring, and you can certainly let us know if we miss a beat.

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